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It's a live draft of the Data Package (v2) standard. Please read the announcement

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Data Package

Data Package is a standard containing a set of lightweight specifications for describing datasets and individual data files. In other words, data package is a data definition language (DDL) and data API that enables and ensures data quality, accessibility, and interoperability.


The Data Package Standard is a comprehensive set of specifications that collectively define a framework for organizing, documenting, and sharing data in a structured and interoperable manner — EXPLORE THE STANDARD

Data Package

A simple container format for describing a coherent collection of data in a single package

Data Resource

A simple format to describe and package a single data resource such as a individual table or file.

Table Dialect

Table Dialect defines a simple format to describe the various dialects of tabular files in a language agnostic manner.

Table Schema

A simple format to declare a schema for tabular data. The schema is designed to be expressible in JSON.


Data Package is backed by a rich software toolkit supporting the standard. From no-code visual tool Open Data Editor to low-level drivers for 10 programming languages — EXPLORE THE SOFTWARE

Open Data Editor


Data Package use cases encompass a wide range of scenarios where this standardized data packaging format proves invaluable for efficient data management, sharing, and analysis — EXPLORE THE ADOPTION

  • European Commission
  • Github
  • Dryad
  • Our World in Data
  • PUDL
  • Elife
  • Oxford
  • UKDS
  • Open Data Blend
  • CMOA
  • Data World
  • The University of Chicago
  • Validata


Read the Data Package documentation to learn more about the standard:

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